The duration of a program is March 30 -- April 1, 2020

«How can I cope with my emotions in my professional and personal life? How can I avoid stress without reducing the intensity of my work? What to do with the aggression?» - Many people have been thinking about these issues for years to no avail. Because they are looking for the answers in a wrong place.

During the program we will see where to find them; we will separate reality from illusions, search for answers and find new questions. We will look for the resource not inside, but within ourselves.

As a result, participants will gain a greater understanding of themselves and the nature of other people's reactions, receive several self-regulation techniques and guidance for their further development.


This program is for you if:
- your professional activity is related to communication with other people (inside the company and with external partners)
- your work is associated with strong emotions (conflict resolution)
- you strive for personal development and growth of emotional intelligence.

The program offers opportunities:

  1. to learn how to respond in a difficult situation so as not to damage the relationship and not harm yourself.
  2. to better understand your emotions.
  3. to learn to understand the motives of other people's behavior.
  4. to develop practical tools for self-regulation and improving interaction with others.


Program structure:

Day 1 - Understanding the essence of emotions

The first day will be devoted to the following questions:
What are emotions, emotional states. Why should a person know something about emotions?

Types of emotions, emotional states of people, their influence on decision making in conflict situations;

Emotions/human needs connection.


Day 2 - Personal competence: self-awareness and self-control

During the next day we will:

-consider the concept of emotional intelligence, its components;

-find out what role emotional intelligence plays in relationships and decision-making;

-consider emotional states; algorithm for managing our emotions and other people's emotions in a -conflict situation;

-consider types of tools for analyzing emotions


Day 3 - Empathy and Relationship Management


During the third day we will learn:

-How to show empathy and build trust in relationships;

-How to collaborate effectively in complex communications;

-How to use techniques and tools to deal with emotional states and avoid common mistakes in the communication process;

-How to conduct "complex dialogues".



OLGA SHEPEL, Deputy Head and trainer of the Ukrainian Mediation Center (kmbs).
Certified Mediator and Coach of Mediators in "Basic Mediation Skills" Program, (CEDR, Great Britain) and Business Mediator of the Academy of the Munich Chamber of Commerce (Germany).


  • Master of International Management, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University;
  • Psychologist-psychotherapist, International Institute of Depth Psychology.
  • Courses at the Human Resource Management School at the Kyiv Mohyla Business School;

certificate in management development program for owners and top managers: "Management: the art of management" (10-month program), Kyiv-Mohyla Business School.

Specialization: Commercial Mediation, Organizational Mediation, Family Business Mediation and Family Mediation.

Trainin experience:
Mediation - more than 300 hours (commercial - 34%, organizational - 28%, family - 33%, family business - 5%).

Conducting about 50 training programs per year (70% - open, 30% - corporate).

Over 7,000 program graduates in the last 10 years.

Author and co-author of "Basic Mediator Skills (Commercial Mediation)," Organizational Mediation and Developing Collaborative Competence "," Family Mediation, "" Emotional Competence ", " Interest Talks, " and a number of other workshops.

Areas of business of corporate clients: IT, banking, trade networks, agrarian sector, metallurgy, fuel and energy complex, pharmaceuticals, advertising, telecommunications, construction, trade in consumer goods, logistics and others.


Victoria Eidemiller, family mediator, co-founder and member of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Family Mediators of Ukraine. In 2015, Victoria launched a volunteer project to provide a social mediation  service to the Kyiv State Administration's Service on Children Affairs and Social Services, which she has been managing for 10 years. It currently employs 15 volunteer family mediators. In 2016, Victoria was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine for her significant contribution to the development of mediation in Ukraine.

Victoria -- trainer certified by the International Center for Development and Leadership, has been trained by trainers and experts at the Institute for Human Services of the USA (Ohio), Canada. Since 2009, Victoria Eidemiller has become recommended Gestalt Therapist of the Moscow Gestalt Institute, since 2013 -- the group psychotherapist of the International School of Group Psychotherapy COIRAG, Italy.

Certification: After successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from the Ukrainian Mediation Center and Kyiv Mohyla Business School [kmbs]

Tuition fee: 11 700 UAH (without VAT)


Diana Bogush
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(044) 490 66 35, (097) 436 05 77

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