1. Preliminary free phone consultation (30-45 minutes)

You, our client, contact the Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) in any convenient way for you. You will be contacted by our Coordinator for Mediation and Design of dispute resolution for free telephone consultation. During this consultation you briefly describe the situation, our Coordinator discusses the specifics of the mediation process and together you decide whether a dispute can be negotiated. 

2. Basic paid consultation (1-1,5 hours)

During the basic consultation, the Client receives all the answers from the Mediation Coordinator regarding the mediation process. The Mediation Coordinator  together with the Client analyze the disputed situation, decide the need and possibility of involving the other party of the dispute in the negotiation process (mediation), discuss the client's interests and possible dispute resolution methods, develop cooperation options, agree on the time and resources needed to settle the dispute. The client then either tries to settle the dispute on her/his own, or together with the mediator, using the resources of the UMC.

3. In case of further cooperation, UMC provides the client with various types of dispute resolution services:

  • Involving the other party in the mediation process -- resolving the dispute by negotiations with the participation of the mediator

This is one of the most difficult stages of mediation. You need to overcome your opponent's distrust of mediation and set him up to work with you in the mediation process to find acceptable solutions and resolve the dispute.

  • Mediation is the negotiation of the two parties to the dispute and the mediator as the organizer of the process.

One mediation session lasts from several hours to one business day. In the process of mediation, with the mediator's professional work and the cooperation of the parties to the dispute acceptable and beneficial solutions for the client will be found. The attitude of the client to the subject of the dispute changes, the skills of independent resolution of such disputes in the future are formed.

  • Conciliation of the mediation (final) agreement between the parties after the end of mediation

This is an important stage in which the mediator applies professional approaches to test the final decision of the parties on the reality and to agree on the terms of fulfillment of obligations by the parties.

  • Assistance in drawing up a “mediation agreement” as a legal document, for notary certification, or for filing as a “peace agreement” in court
  • Remoting (shuttling) negotiation through the mediator with each party separately

This method is used when the parties to the dispute are unable or unwilling to communicate directly for various reasons. Then our representative communicates with each party individually one or several times, to identify interests and find the solution that is most acceptable to our client.

  • Preparing the Client for Negotiation of Interests (Harvard Negotiation method)

This method provides the client with the necessary knowledge and tools to turn negotiation with an "0" result into a negotiation of interest, and effectively conduct them for both parties.

  • Preparing the UMC client for difficult negotiations.

The method is used when it is impossible to involve the other party to the negotiations physically, when it is unwanted for you or you need the confidentiality of a mediator's request. At this stage, you and the mediator analyze the different options for your opponent's behavior, develop scenarios for each option, make the most important arguments to reach your interests in the negotiation process, analyze the best and worst alternatives to dispute resolution and consider options for possible solutions.

  • Mediator's Participation in the negotiations as a consultant or your representative

The mediator is preparing to negotiations with you. Mediator operates on your side, uses mediation technology to maximize the satisfaction of your interests while negotiating with an opponent or group of opponents.

  • Counselling to the client in court using mediation technologies.

When your case is already in court, the consultation and support of mediators will help you analyze the situation, the behavior of your opponents and to convince the court and your opponents of the decision that suits you best. Court may be delayed to mediate and resolve dispute through "amicable resolution".

The method of cooperation is chosen depending on the complexity of the situation, the mediator's conclusions and with the client's consent.

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