We, as UMC Professional Mediators and Negotiation Specialists, offer analysis of your difficult, contentious situation and organization of negotiations (mediation) with the participation of a mediator to find the solution with the maximum benefit for you. Negotiations are a modern alternative to litigation.

People who are trying to resolve a dispute in the commercial field for the first time believe that a fair solution can only be obtained through court. But our  personal experience and examples from developed countries prove that alternative methods are much more effective.

Preliminary free phone/skype consultation
Duration: 30-45 minutes

You, our client, contact the Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) in any convenient way for you. You will be contacted by our Coordinator for Mediation and Design of dispute resolution for free telephone consultation.

General Terms of Service:

  • Payment for services is charged on an hourly basis;
  • Service language: Ukrainian or Russian;
  • It is possible to provide services in English (in this case, the cost of services increases by 50%), as well as in other languages (subject to payment by the parties of the cost of translation services);
  • Service location -- Kiev. If the parties are unable to reach Kiev, the mediator's travel expenses to the agreed venue, accommodation and meals are reimbursed by the parties;
  • Costs incurred in the case, which include the rental of the premises (unless the parties offer a suitable venue and the terms of the mediation process for all parties), photocopying and communication, transport costs, translation, postage, courier services, notary services, etc. paid separately for the results of services rendered;
  • The provision of services by the Center is also possible when the case is in court.

1. Preliminary free phone consultation (30-45 minutes)

You, our client, contact the Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) in any convenient way for you. You will be contacted by our Coordinator for Mediation and Design of dispute resolution for free telephone consultation. During this consultation you briefly describe the situation, our Coordinator discusses the specifics of the mediation process and together you decide whether a dispute can be negotiated. 

Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC)

  1. You will be asked to sign an agreement for mediator services. This agreement states:
  • Principles of mediation (negotiation) procedure: transparency, voluntariness for participants;
  • Data confidentiality: information obtained during mediation cannot be used in court or to the detriment of the other party;
  • According to the agreement, the mediator receives immunity as a witness and cannot be summoned to court. This ensures the independence and impartiality of the mediator.

Commercial mediation (resolving disputes between legal entities, legal entities and their clients, individuals in settling property disputes, protecting consumer rights, etc.)

There are some standard rules apply to the initiation of the process and its implementation at the UMC. In addition, when conducting commercial mediation, the following information is provided in writing to the сertificate on the basis of the dispute (Step 6):

At the stage of contracting, the parties may consider mediation as a pre-litigation way of settling the dispute. To this end, appropriate reservations must be made to the contract, the contents of which may be formulated as follows.

A general caveat
In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, the parties agree at the first stage to discuss and consider the possibility of transferring the dispute for resolution in accordance with the rules of the Ukrainian Mediation Center.

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