Dear Galina, I would like to thank you very much for your talent and the strength invested in our training. I did not enjoy this pleasure as a student and as an observer. You have such a pedagogical and human harmony that is pretty much impossible to meet. Many thanks to Olya, Slava and Tanya who worked with our group for each minute they spent with us.

Sincerely, Tatiana Fedoriv


Dear Galina!

I want to thank you and Olga for your wonderful work! This is a rare occasion when you spend the weekend not with your family, but with such great benefit so you do not regret it. In the book 'The Revolution in Learning' by G. Dryden and J. Vos was written that modern education must happen because of what you see, hear, do, imagine and feel intuitively. You give everything of it in your program. You created an environment where we could learn from you, learn from one another, and learn from ourselves. And this is your great achievement, because it is not easy with us, we could actually teach anyone :)

Thank you very much again!

Yours sincerely, Tatiana.

Tetiana Fedoriv, Candidate of Sciences, PhD candidate in the Department of Public Administration and Management of the National Academy For Public Administration under The President of Ukraine, kmbs lecturer, Member of the Editorial Board of the UBG Channel Group


.... I was really glad to read your answer because I also considered investing the parties in future relations and working with alternatives when preparing for the meeting. I want you and Olga to know that your work is not in vain !!! Despite the fact that the meeting did not take place, we prepared a written report for our clients and they voiced our alternative very loyally. As a result, certain dynamics in the relationship have emerged.

Svitlana Bozhenko,
Master of Law
Head of Legal Department
Private equity, service consulting company.


Good afternoon, Galina.
Yesterday I never managed to say goodbye to you after class and thank you for the unique opportunity to learn about mediation. I really enjoyed your activities and I sincerely regret that I could not stay until the end. The techniques you have taught us are very useful in everyday life. I was amazed as such seemingly simple things were compartmentalized and developed a whole science. I hope that more and more people will use mediation in their daily lives, and you will have more grateful clients.

Best wishes, Olga
Olga Novitskaya, Doctoral Candidate, Chair of Human Resource and Organization, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Fribourg University, Switzerland


Mediation is what I strive to do professionally. Working with UMC has helped me not only gain new knowledge and skills, but also hands-on experience in mediation and interest negotiations through participating in mediation promotion activities in the business environment, as well as in a pilot commercial mediation project. I am grateful to the UMC team for the opportunity!

Vladimir Marukhevich, lawyer


Once again, I want to express my immense gratitude to Galina and Olga for their professionalism and ability to easily and readily present the material. Upon arrival in Kharkov, there is an acute shortage of the drive that was present at the classes. In addition, special thanks to the group in which I had to study. Guys, I wish you great achievements.

Lyudmila Senchuk, lawyer, LLC company "Front"


Thanks a lot. Despite our technical difficulties, everyone really liked it. We’ll think about how to achieve a better connection. Given material and performances were just gold.

Voronina Anna, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Head of the Department of Education
'Corporate Institute ACS’


It works ... speaking about mediation. Yesterday we reached a reconciliation of the parties, at the stage of pre-trial resolution of the dispute, using the methodology received in the mediation training course. By the way, the lender and the debtor did not know that they were being 'mediated'. My team again cannot understand how irreconcilable enemies reached understanding and restored almost friendly relationships.

Many thanks for the invaluable knowledge and skills that I have been given.
Yuri Khomenko, Partner, 'Credo'


I feel that mediation is a life, a life for me and for other people :) For three days after the end of the course I have 2 mediations with people who are preparing for difficult negotiations with a third party, ordering on a paid basis (and I am not afraid to take money for the service right away at the end of the course!!!) for negotiations on interests. I enrolled in that part of the course where the party to the conflict is on its own or is working with another party to the conflict, who then goes into negotiations on his own. In me there is a resonance to this kind of work, seen as the fact that I have already had TWO real practices in such situations.

 I also have the desire to launch bilateral mediation on insurance issues. I see this as a promising area because there are many contacts with insurance companies at my current place of work. I understood the most important thing: Mediation opens opportunities!

Oksana Ratushnaya, mediator


Everything was great, everything works :)

Gusarov Igor, Creative director


I finished my mediation program about four years ago. Recently, I see a tendency for the demand for the acquired skills. I successfully apply those skills, it helps, it works.

Molyavko Olesya, lawyer, Ph.D.


Galina, good morning. I (and not just me :)) really enjoyed your presentation at the conference, it was very interesting and useful, simple things that can change your life. Thank you.

Anna Podgornaya, HR Director, Microsoft Ukraine


During the approval of the investment project, only 40% of the effort went to developing and adopting the financial model; the rest of the time and energy was spent negotiating with stakeholders, understanding their interests, finding supporters and forming a coalition.

Kirill Pesenkov, MBF, CFO


You did AMAZING yesterday, Galyna! I would be honored to organize a 2nd event with you!!! It (the presentation) was very good – Galyna was extremely well-prepared! And the participant feedback is also very positive toward Galyna.

Courtney Zukoski, ACC (after Galyna’s presentation to The American Chamber Women’s Executive Leadership Development Initiative (WELDI) at ACC (American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine)


I negotiated with the director and focused on working with alternatives: I described all possible consequences for the supplier in the event of default. In doing so, he spoke without the use of "toxic language," and tried not to sound like a threat. I managed to earn trust, my vis-a-vis told me: "You are the only normal person because all the other just screams and resents." The furniture was delivered in 2 weeks.

And as a third party I was asked to resolve the conflict between production and IT service. Absolutely not understanding what 10 men are arguing about in a closed room, with the help of questions and summaries, we managed to help them come to a joint solution that suited everyone. I do not know that they have decided there about VPN, decoding, traffic and other specific terms, but they have been actively cooperating for two days now and moving forward towards the common goal. Thanks, Olga and Galina, for the tools you have added to your training add confidence and pleasure.

Anton Korchynskyi, Coach, HR Manager

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